Wet Beaver Creek  

These petroglyphs, and a number of others, exist on a single panel along Wet Beaver Creek, about 3 miles upstream from the Bell Trailhead, near Bell Crossing. I just happened upon them and have not researched them at all. Because of their location in the Verde Valley I would guess they were made by the ancient Verde Hohokam (aka Southern Sinagua). However, one of the images appears to depict a person on horseback. If so, the artwork cannot pre-date the arrival of Europeans. If you know any history pertaining to this site that you'd care to share, lemmie know!

This place is not in my book because I didn't discover it until March 2012, after the second edition was already released. Anyway, as far as archaeological sites go, I'm not sure it's spectacular enough to warrent its own chapter. Wet Beaver Creek, though, is very nice with big shade trees, lots of water, and surprizingly few people. The petroglyphs are more of a bonus if you're just looking for a fun place to explore in general.

Please pardon the very poor image quality. The following photos were taken with my cell phone.


A deer...or maybe a coyote?

This appears to be a human riding a horse.


"Bull's Eye"

Bighorn Sheep

Four sheep walking in a line.
(again, I regret the poor quality of these cell phone shots)