This little ruin near Tapco (a power plant) overlooks the Verde River, not far upriver from Tuzigoot National Monument. It's on land owned by Phelps Dodge and therefore not in my book. Remarkably, the cliff dwelling still holds a stash of prehistoric corn cobs, indicating that it functioned as a granary. The ruin also has a smoke-blackened ceiling and loophole (window) in one of its walls, suggesting that as small as the structure is, it may have been used for habitation as well. Remnants of other small dwellings are also nearby.

I would like to thank the people of Phelps Dodge for their intimidating tone and total lack of cooperation during my inquiries about this archaeological site.

Note the loophole at left, and the ballcap
near the doorway for size reference.

Prehistoric corncobs inside the ruin.