Agua Fria at Perry Tank Canyon
This petroglyph site is on Perry Mesa, right at the rim of the Agua Fria River, more or less where it passes the mouth of Perry Tank Canyon (it is not to be confused with the pueblo and rock art site called "Perry Tank Canyon" in my book, which is not nearly as close to the Agua Fria).

This is the only archaeological site I've ever visited on Perry Mesa that I did not expect to find. I was just hiking around one day doing nature photography when I stumbled upon these petroglyphs. I don't know anything about them, although I'm guessing they're contemporanious with other 14th century sites on Perry Mesa, which are part of the Perry Mesa Tradition.

Because of its long neck and proximity to the Agua
Fria River, I'm guessing this is a Great Blue Heron.

Both deer and antelope roam Perry
Mesa, so these could be either.


Large transmission towers traverse Perry Mesa.
Here we see the influence of ancient artwork on modern design.