Indian Spring

Indian Spring in the Eagletail Mountains Wilderness contains a large concentration of Hohokam petroglyphs along with much older Archaic rock art. I can't believe I missed this impressive site west of Phoenix while writing the first edition of my book. I just plain didn't know about it. But hey, it's in the second edition!

This “caterpillar with antennae” is about 4 feet long

This character looks a lot like Kokopelli the
hump-backed flute player, but Kokopelli is
more of a Puebloan thing from farther
north. I showed this photo to two different
archaeologists, who generally agreed that
it's not likely this is actually Kokopelli.
Interesting resemblance, though.

The most prominent design on this boulder,
consisting of a series of rectangles, is a
common Hohokam motif called a pipette.

The book Ruins Seldom Seen is available from

Please note, however, that this particular
chapter only appears in the second edition.