Boulder Creek

This ancient "fortified hilltop" overlooking Boulder Creek, a tributary of the Aqua Fria River, is not too far north of Indian Mesa and Lake Pleasant. I did not include the pueblo near Boulder Creek in my book because it's not very large and I felt the need to spread the ruins out over a wider geographic area. Nevertheless, it's an interesting site with lots of pottery, and its remote location makes it a good hiking destination. Some fairly tricky rock scrambling is required to access the ruin's entrance. The Hohokam built this pueblo sometime between A.D. 800 and 1100.


One of the crumbling stone rooms

Small "windows" in the walls, called loopholes, helped
the ancient occupants see who was approaching.


Crossing the Agua Fria en route to Boulder Creek. The tractor driver
was kind enough to push my stuck truck out of the river. This was
in the mid-1990s, before motor vehicles were banned from this
section of the river (as they should be).