Click any ancient Native American pueblo, cliff dwelling or rock
art location below from the hiking book Ruins Seldom Seen

Featured in the
First Edition Only

Gila Bend
Gila Bend Mts.
Nankoweap (Grand Canyon)

New sites featured in the
Second Edition Only

Snake Gulch
Cline Creek
Cave Creek (at Chalk Canyon)
Indian Spring

Featured in
Both Editions

Roger’s Canyon
Pueblo Canyon
Cooper Forks Canyon
Devil’s Chasm
Coon Creek

Sycamore Canyon
New River
Indian Mesa
Hieroglyphic Canyon
Picacho Mountains
Black Mesa
Waterfall Canyon
Skull Mesa
Elephant Mountain
Towel Creek
St. Clair Mountain
Boynton Canyon
Black Mountain
Tonto Creek
Perry Tank Canyon
Squaw Creek
Silver Creek

Not in the Book at All
Canyon Creek
Pine Butte
Willow Creek

Jack's Canyon

Agua Fria at Perry Tank Canyon
Tumamoc Hill
Boulder Creek
Puerco River
Camp Creek
Tsegi Canyon

Wet Beaver Creek

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