A hiker's guide to some lesser-known pueblos, cliff
dwellings and rock art sites of the ancient Southwest


This website was created by the author of Ruins Seldom Seen, a guidebook combining the subjects of hiking and archaeology. Basically, every hike ends at an ancient Native American pueblo, cliff dwelling or rock art site in Arizona, Utah or New Mexico. This website is not a substitute for the book, but rather a complement to it. Unlike the book, this website does not include maps or directions to any archaeological sites, nor does it provide an abundance of interpretive information (history). What you will see, however, are many photographs of ruins and rock art sites in the Southwest. These include both images from the book and "outtake" images not published anywhere else. Additionally, you can see photos of a number of ruins and rock art sites not featured in the book at all. Enjoy your photographic tour of prehistoric pueblos, cliff dwellings, petroglyph sites, and pictograph sites in Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.


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"The website was good,
but the book was better."
- Joe Hiker


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